Resolve common HR issues before they become problems

Elevate the employee experience and reduce your administrative workflow with the ADP integrated suite of tools.

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A proactive employee support experience

ADP delivers four tools for employees to resolve their issues with time, pay, HR and benefits. Using the power of ADP data and machine learning, it presents employees with self-service options to fix problems quickly and easily, without practitioner help.

Automate and streamline employee support needs

Set employees up for success by enabling them to resolve their own difficulties in less time than it takes to contact a help desk.

  • Action cards are proactive tiles that notify employees of issues with their timesheets, pay, HR details and more, directing them to take appropriate action.
  • ADP Virtual Assistant (A.V.A.) provides employees with conversational, transactional and predictive assistance.
  • Policy Personalization further enriches Action cards and ADP Virtual Assistant based on your company's specific policies.
  • Case Management enables employees to create, submit and track support cases, which are routed and resolved by a company practitioner.

ADP's AI-based suite of tools helps to resolve dozens of common daily employee issues:

  • Missing timecard information
  • PTO requests and balances
  • Pay statements
  • Benefits enrollment window
  • I-9 and direct deposit completion for new hires
  • W2 availability and tax updates
  • And many more
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