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What work looks like has been forever changed and we need to talk about it!

Join this complimentary half-day summit of panel discussions and keynote addresses to get a deeper understanding of how to navigate the ever-changing workplace landscape and be inspired to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Hear from HR and inclusion leaders, business owners, coaches, economists and strategists discussing:

  • The current labor market and what the data represents for women at work
  • Equity/inequity experienced across industries and what leaders are doing about it
  • Mental health and wellness and how to create conditions to thrive
  • Return to work strategies focused on women and how to create new norms, standards, balance, policies and programs


How to Make Hurdles Your Greatest Strengths

Hear about Sara’s incredible journey as both an inventor and a businesswoman and how she stays true to the feminine principles in leadership and throughout growing SPANX.

Sara Blakely

Founder and CEO, SPANX

Maria Black

President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, ADP


Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Economic Insights of Women at Work

Christine Romans, CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent will discuss with Nela Richardson, ADP Chief Economist, new economic research that sheds light on how the world of work is changing for women.

Nela Richardson

Christine Romans

All-Access Sessions Include

Creating Equity Across Industries

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Women’s Mental Health and Wellness: Creating Conditions to Thrive

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How the Best Leaders Build Resilience

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Charting the Path Forward for Women@Work

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