Welcome to the industry’s most generous revenue share program

Earning revenue for payroll doesn’t get any easier than this! The ADP® Accountant Revenue Share Program rewards accounting and bookkeeping practices up to 75% revenue share for referring eligible ADP solutions to their clients for payroll, HR, benefits, tax credits & more.

Referring payroll clients to ADP pays off in more ways than one:

  • Reinforce your role as a trusted advisor while earning revenue
  • Your clients benefit from 70+ years of payroll processing reliability
  • Easily integrate solutions to seamlessly manage HR, time, retirement & insurance1
  • Effortlessly switch your clients using Gusto, Paychex, QuickBooks Payroll and others to ADP any time of year

Plus, you’ll have easy, secure access to all your authorized ADP client data in one place with our free & award‑winning Accountant ConnectSM platform.

Make the most of revenue share income

Hear how Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE and CEO of Powerful Accounting, Inc., leverages the ADP revenue share program for her firm.

Here’s how the revenue share program works2

Refer Clients

After referring at least 3 new payroll clients that onboard with ADP within your 12‑month contract period, you’ll start earning revenue.

Track Progress

Track referral status, incoming payments and refer new clients all from one portal.

Earn Revenue

Earn up to 75% of your referrals’ monthly payroll invoice fees based on actual billings over their first 12 months, plus residuals.

Here's how much you can earn


eligible referrals

Earn 25% revenue share per client (payment activated at 3rd credited referral)


eligible referrals

Earn 50% revenue share (including the extra 25% revenue for clients 1-4) + 10% annual residual payment for active clients’ the following 4 years


eligible referrals

Earn 75% revenue share for remainder of 12‑month contract period + 10% annual residual payment for active clients’ the following 4 years

See how it all adds up*

Refer 5 clients for RUN Powered by ADP® Enhanced Payrolla

Year 1 Years 2-53 Total ADP payout
$5,500 $4,500 $10,000

a Assumes an average client size of 3 employees, paid bi-weekly.

* Examples are intended to provide an estimate only of the potential revenue share that may be earned by participating in the Accountant Revenue Share Incentive Program. Actual payments may vary based on such factors as payroll package, ADP processing region, number of employees, pay frequency, and other variables. Must be a participant in the program and accept applicable terms and conditions. Notwithstanding any results illustrated above, eligible referrals will be paid pursuant to applicable program terms and must meet certain eligibility requirements for payment including but not limited to retention requirements and minimum referrals. Payments will be made over a twelve-month period and exclude discounts. Other exclusions may apply that impact payment.

Revenue share doesn’t end with payroll

ADP’s range of smart solutions goes beyond just payroll software for accountants and their clients. You’re also eligible to earn revenue with referrals for other critical business services1 that easily integrate with payroll, including:

4 out of 5 accounting professionals say ADP helps their firm offer more services to their clients.4
  • Pay-by-Pay® Program for Workers' Comp1
  • Retirement Plans
  • Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits
  • Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC)
  • ADP TotalSource® Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

You can also earn $500 every time you refer another accountant that begins onboarding their clients to ADP.

Accountant Revenue Share FAQs

Why should I refer to ADP?

Our revenue share program is the most generous in the industry, and clients appreciate our products’ ease of use, stability and integration capabilities. In fact, 9 out of 10 accounting professionals would recommend ADP to their small business clients.4 You can also earn $500 every time you refer another accountant that begins onboarding their clients to ADP.

I have small clients with minimal or no employees at all. Does it make sense to switch them to ADP?

Our RUN Powered by ADP® platform is designed specifically for small businesses and includes affordable options that meet even the most basic payroll needs. In fact, 800,000 of our clients are small businesses. By switching your clients to ADP, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of having easy and secure access to all your authorized small business clients’ data in one place with Accountant Connect.

Does it matter what time of year I switch my clients?

Though some people prefer to wait for the start of a new quarter, or even a new year, before switching over to a new payroll service provider, ADP can support your move at any time. Any high-quality provider should be able to give you and your clients a clear list of forms and information needed to make a smooth transition.

How does my firm sign up?

It's quick and easy! Simply click "Enroll now" and fill out the form on this page with your preferred contact information. Your dedicated ADP Sales Associate will connect with you directly to complete the enrollment process and work with you to help identify and onboard your clients to ADP.

I’m in! How can I check the status of my referrals?

Once your enrollment is finalized, you'll receive an email with login instructions to your Accountant Revenue Share Program portal. This is where you can enter new referrals to your ADP Sales Associate, check the status of existing referrals, view incoming payments and more.

How are payments calculated?

Once you have three eligible referrals during the 12-month contract period, you’ll receive a revenue share of 25% of the monthly payroll invoice fees based on actual billings during your referrals’ first 12 months with ADP. For eligible starts 5‑9, you will receive 50% revenue share as well as a 25% retroactive payment for clients 1‑4. After the 9th eligible start, you will receive 75% revenue share for each started client for the remainder of your contract period..

How do the residual payments work?

Upon the 5th credited start in a 12‑month contract period, you will receive a 10% residual payment for active clients during years two through five, or until the client terminates services with ADP.

What happens after my initial 12‑month contract period?

Your enrollment automatically renews for an additional 12 months and begins a new contract period on the anniversary of your enrollment date. Terms & conditions still apply.

When do we receive payments?

Checks are sent 45 days after the end of the quarter in which your 3rd referral has met the 30‑day retention requirement. See the chart below for more details.

3rd Unit Start Month Payment Date
December, January, February May 15
March, April, May August 15
June, July, August November 15
September, October, November February 15

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