European data protection rules are set to change

Are you ready for the turbulence ahead?

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to hit all 28 EU member states on 25 May 2018, representing the biggest change to data protection law in 30 years. It includes high penalties for non-compliance – up to 4% of a company’s worldwide revenue (or €20m; whichever is higher) – and extends not just to data controllers, but data processors too.
Wherever in the world you’re based, if you do business in Europe GDPR will mean a whole new era of data governance and enhanced requirements on security and personal data processing activities, all of which could compound the risks of non-compliance.
Whether you’re in HR, IT or Finance, no leader wants to endure an emergency landing. Enter your name and email address in the box on the right to download IDC’s exclusive ‘Cloud, Compliance and the Case for HR Transformation to Support Your HCM Strategy’ executive brief now and learn:
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Brace yourself -
European Data
Protection law is changing!

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