1 in 8 employees has at least one garnishment over his or her lifetime.*

Wage Garnishments: Balance Risk, Cost and Efficiencies

With the ADP SmartCompliance® Wage Garnishments module

As an employer, you want to deliver consistent, accurate and compassionate services to your employees with wage garnishments, but you also need to balance this with your obligation to comply with applicable laws and the costs associated with the entire process.

You may deal with:

  • Increasing and varying agency requirements.
  • Varying legislation and potential employer liability.
  • Difficulty maintaining continuity through people and business changes.

These challenges can make it difficult to maintain a balance between cost efficiency and risk management while also delivering good employee service.

Reduce Complexity but Remain Scalable

Establish a process that helps ensure that varying wage garnishment requirements are met and helps reduces unknown, so you can stay agile as you grow and hire.

  • Comprehensive service
  • Wage garnishment order evaluation
  • Notice management
  • Jurisdiction specific

Keep Up with the Latest Requirements

Although state and lien type requirements vary widely, you need to be sure that you are managing your process to meet them all.

  • Operational standards employ latest filing and notice requirements
  • Knowledge built into processes and training

Deal with Your Employees Appropriately

From order evaluation to disbursements, you need to maintain consistent expertise attuned to this sensitive area of employee relations.

  • Management of virtually the entire process on your behalf
  • Frees you and employees from many burdensome administrative tasks
  • Process garnishments in all U.S. jurisdictions
  • Employee call center with staff trained to manage garnishment issues

Help lighten the burden of answering emotional calls from custodial parents, employees, attorneys, or payees through ADP’s confidential call center. Our advanced call monitoring and tracking system helps provide proper documentation for auditing purposes. All calls are received by Spanish- and English-speaking representatives.

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* ADP internal data

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