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Wage Payment Card Solutions Help Increase Electronic Payroll Adoption and Reduce Complexity

With the ADP SmartCompliance® Wage Payments module.

You struggle with increasing cost and complexity of paper-based wage payments and statements, but it is difficult to achieve high adoption rates of electronic payroll and wage disbursement methods.

You deal with:

  • Inadequate resources to implement paperless pay, including pay card, online statement and other payment options.
  • Managing change in many departments with different requirements.
  • Providing service to employees who may have different payment requirements.

These challenges stand between you and your lowest payroll costs. To overcome them, you need to:

Implement and Execute Electronic Pay Disbursement

Seamlessly add electronic payroll solutions to your in-house payroll system without interrupting your current process.

  • ADP® electronic payments experience
  • Pay card, online statement and the payment options that you need
  • Integration with ERP / payroll systems and process
  • Dedicated service and integration teams
  • Happier employees who are saving money and time

Help Eliminate Involvement of Multiple Departments

Help reduce complexity by helping to free HR, IT, Treasury, Accounting and other departments from managing multiple tasks while increasing electronic pay options.

  • Single file solution
  • Flexible electronic payroll disbursement options: direct deposit and pay card
  • Single vendor for all payment methods

Give Underserved Employees More Options

Help meet the needs of your employees so that electronic pay options become more viable and desirable while keeping things simple for your staff.

  • Flexible payroll disbursement options
  • Electronic pay card option for employees without traditional banking relationships
  • The ALINE Card by ADP® pay card provides surcharge-free ATMs, a mobile app and many other features

ALINE Pay by ADPSM enables you to pay employees using a combination of:

  • Full-service direct deposit
  • ALINE Card by ADP® pay card
  • ALINE Check by ADPSM

These payment methods help ensure that your employees will be paid on time.

ALINE Pay by ADP helps your business move to electronic pay with more options and hands-on help

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